"The best thing about the Dutch course was the support of my fellow student"

What is the hottest and the coolest place to learn Dutch this summer? Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen will definitely never treat you hot and cold, but the school near the beach does offer you the most unforgettable language lessons! At least, Tommaso from Italy and Tony from the UK certainly think so. Tommaso is a spontaneous student from Italy, who is studying International Law in The Hague. When you speak to him, it's very surprising to know that he has barely spoken any Dutch at all before he was starting the Dutch Immersion 2 course for semi-beginners. Tommaso: "The immersion course was my first Dutch course. My study program is taught in English and students also mainly speak only in English with each other. That will change now, I will most definitely talk to my friends in Dutch now!"


During the 2-week course, Tommaso was accompanied by the British Tony, who calls Tommaso 'the best part of his course'. He said he was very happy with the support that he had received from Tommaso, while following this very intensive language course. Trying to speak, listen and understand Dutch for six hours a day is not easy peasy lemon squeezy. Fun fact: the TaalTaal website had convinced Tony to follow the Dutch Immersion course specifically at TaalTaal. Tony: "I found the website very attractive and clear. You can see that real effort has been put into it. For me, this created positive expectations about the course, websites from other language schools all looked so bare and frayed. Luckily, I was right!"


The 'duo T & T' had formed the smallest group possible together during a Dutch course and they made big jumps studying the language, in addition to having fun as well. Tommaso: "We have learned a lot of new grammar, but we also spoke a lot. If I didn't understand something, I asked: wat betekent dat? Or: kun je dat herhalen?" Tony especially praises the enthusiasm and the professionalism of the various teachers: "They all had a different style, we really liked that!" Dutch Immersion at TaalTaal is so much more than learning from a book, above all it is about literally taking the language to the streets; talking to people, such as shopkeepers in Scheveningen, which is a fixed part of the course.


Can't wait to check out the website that Tony was so thrilled about? Here you go: www.taaltaal.nl – the summer will start July 17th and the Autumn session with the full program will begin September 18th. Immersion classes start every month. More info at: taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch


You can visit TaalTaal on the Open Days, that is 8th July, 6th September and 9th September. Free online intakes are always available at taaltaal.nl/intake


TaalTaal wishes you an unforgettable summer!