Plastic soup fishing is an activity that children are extremely enthusiastic about, which they will not soon forget and through which they are positively reminded that plastic waste does not belong in nature. During the summer holidays, The Hague Boat organizes a number of plastic soup fish activities. You are welcome on board with or without the holiday pass. It is useful if you have a swimming diploma. Otherwise, take an attendant with you, who will keep an eye on you.

Practical information

Boarding point "Koekamp at Central Station" - Opposite the art academy on Prinsessegracht 4

When: during school holidays every Wednesday from 13.30u until 14:45u

Tickets: € 7.50, age 5 -12 years old in possession of a swimming diploma.

Including a cup of lemonade and a small snack, after all the hard work.

Limited tickets for adults € 10.00 p.p.