“I combined speaking Dutch and discovering The Hague at TaalTaal!”

When Andreas first visited Texel from his home country Germany a number of years ago, he knew immediately: the Netherlands had stolen his heart forever. Learning Dutch became a real hobby for him and he can therefore be found in the Netherlands regularly, especially in the Amsterdam area. Strangely enough, he had never been to The Hague before, but that worked out well for him when he was looking for an intensive, but not full-day, Dutch language course. Amsterdam had no options, but Language Institute TaalTaal in The Hague offers (semi) intensive Immersion courses all year round!


Andreas eventually turned out to be the only student and this really worked out well for him. Andreas: “Now I can really learn in my own way, because I especially wanted to work on my pronunciation and speaking skills. I also wanted to save some time to discover The Hague!” Andreas himself has lived almost all his life in the German city of Münster, which is located near the Dutch border. He works there as a teacher at a secondary school, however he is the only teacher there who speaks Dutch as well. He laughs: “Maybe they might offer Dutch as a subject at my school, but so far that hasn't happened. I think I now have to lobby a lot for this, haha!”


The lessons at TaalTaal were every day in the morning, which meant that Andreas had time left over in the afternoon for doing fun activities in The Hague. Andreas: “I took a boat trip and visited a few museums. There I also found inspiration for my own students, a teacher remains a teacher, right? I also visited Madurodam with my TaalTaal teacher and we went for a walk through the city. Of course I spoke Dutch all the time! I like the Dutch people, they are usually very open and of course I like the beach. My dream is to work in Dutch education someday!”

Andreas had a very exciting time in The Hague, now how about you? Join the TaalTaal autumn season on September 18th: taaltaal.nl/en/#autumn. Immersion courses are available here: taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch. The Open Days are on 6th September and 9th September. Find free intakes here: taaltaal.nl/en/intake/.