A unique summer movie night featuring Charlie Chaplin's masterful film The Gold Rush, featuring live improvisations by organist Geerten van de Wetering.

The Gold Rush from 1925 tells the story of the gold rush in Klondike, late 19th century: people looking for money, food, happiness. The Little Tramp, Chaplin's famous hobo character, is one of these fortune seekers. On his journey, however, he runs into a heavy snowstorm. He seeks shelter in a small abandoned house where he encounters the criminal Black Larson and the well-heeled Big Jim. Abandoned from everyone else, they are forced to eat what there is to eat. When the storm has died down, the Little Tramp flees to the town where, in stark contrast, prosperity reigns.


As in almost every Chaplin film, topical themes come into play in The Gold Rush. In this film, in particular, the themes are set against the backdrop of the emerging consumer society of the 1920s. Poverty, the search for a better future, living between hope and despair: even 100 years later, these themes are still as relevant as ever. Chaplin manages to wrap the themes in his characteristic and light-hearted manner in a masterful film. With live improvised music by organist Geerten van de Wetering, you will experience the film like new!