Olga Cerpa is one of the most famous female voices in the Canary Islands' traditional Atlantic sounds. Together with her folk band Mestisay, she presents Atlantic music full of elegance and island vibes with the Canarian timple and Portuguese guitar but also with influences from Ibero, Latin and Lusophone soil.

Olga Cerpa and Mestisay bring one of the most unique creative adventures in Canary Islands popular music. For almost four decades, they have been exploring and interpreting the music and poetry of the Canary Islands, following the threads of Ibero, Latin and Lusophone-African influences that are part of the intertwined history and cultures of the Macaronesian archipelago. These 'Atlantic Connections' are all reflected in the music.Olga Cerpa is considered the most relevant female voice in island music of the last three decades.


Nominated for two Latin Grammys, she has shared the stage with artists such as Omara Portuondo, Joan Manuel Serrat, Julio Pereira and Milladoiro.Mestisay is one of the Canary Islands' most popular bands. Mestisay gathers multiple influences coming from Canarian musical roots, but also incorporates sounds from countries and communities with a relationship to the Canary Islands: Portuguese music, Bolero, 1940s Mexican and Cuban film music, and music from African countries geographically close to the Canary Islands.