From Delft to Nairobi, and most recently to London as of 1st May 2023, upMention, spearheaded by the brotherly trio - Arjan, Geerten, and Andries, is decrypting Google's secret to amplify businesses on the digital forefront.

In the realm of digital visibility, the difference between being unseen and being mentioned is the difference between blending in and standing out. With a team of 43 search optimisation experts, upMention ensures businesses not only outshine competitors but also establish strong customer relationships.


At the heart of upMention’s strategy is the relentless pursuit of understanding the mechanisms behind Google's ranking algorithm. This secret sauce, once considered enigmatic, has now been mastered by the team. "Perseverance is the bedrock of our success," emphasises Geerten Schollaart, underlining the company's commitment to keep up with Google’s ever-evolving dynamics.


This dedication to cracking Google's code has yielded spectacular results. A record of over 5,000 top 3 positions on Google search results for clients underlines their success. Their clientele is diverse, spanning from maritime industry leaders, Kenyan tourist companies exploring European markets, Dutch travel agencies setting foot on international soil, to webshops aspiring to penetrate European e-commerce landscapes.


With a global presence in Delft, Nairobi, and London, upMention persists in its quest to decipher the secrets of Google. The goal? To help businesses enhance digital visibility and boost revenue in the digital era.