The Hague is not just the residence and workplace of the king. It's also a royal city with allure, thanks to its many historical monuments, living and working palaces, royal routes, and carriages. You might just bump into the Royal Family on the street or in one of 'their' little shops in the Noordeinde shopping district.

The Hague and the Oranjes (House of Orange) go hand in hand. For more than four centuries, the Oranjes have lived almost continuously in The Hague, first as stadtholders, and later as kings and queens. During that period, they have literally left their mark on the city. Prince Maurits was the first to establish himself in the city. In 1585, he moved into the Stadholder's Quarters at the Binnenhof and built the Mauritstoren named after him – making The Hague a court city. Queen Beatrix moved into Huis ten Bosch in 1981 and made Noordeinde Palace her working palace.

Noordeinde Palace has been the center of important events in the life of the royal family. For example, Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard, as well as Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, married from this palace. Wilhelmina and Juliana were born there. Both King Willem III, his second wife Queen Mother Emma, and Queen Wilhelmina lived in Noordeinde Palace. Nowadays, King Willem-Alexander works here. When he is in the country, the flag flies at the palace. Noordeinde Palace is located on the Noordeinde shopping street, one of The Hague's most elegant shopping streets.

The Noordeinde shopping area is characterized by an eclectic mix of interior design, fashion, art, and numerous dining establishments. Strolling from the historic inn 't Goude Hooft to the Hilton Hotel, you can enjoy a cosmopolitan atmosphere, combined with classic Dutch architecture. With De Plaats, also part of the Noordeinde shopping area, The Hague has its own Place Vendôme: there you'll find Steltman Jewelers, with its royal clientele, Schaap & Citroen, Eigenmann, and Steltman Watches conveniently close to each other.

In September, the shopping district participates in The Hague's royal program. From September 9 to 19, The Hague is filled with special (royal) activities. Monuments are specially opened to the public, such as the royal waiting room at Hollands Spoor station and Kneuterdijk Palace. Come face-to-face with the horses during practices at Lange Voorhout, take a unique boat tour on the Hofvijver, and visit the outdoor cinema in the Noordeinde shopping area! This unique outdoor cinema takes place at the Walloon Church (Noordeinde 25) from Wednesday, September 13 to Sunday, September 17, with a royal family film every day at 6:00 pm and a beautiful movie for adults at 8:30 pm.

Whether you come for delicious cuisine, beautiful shops, or to enjoy the royal ambiance – versatile Noordeinde has it all!