People often ask me what is my style. Of course, I have preferences but the more important question is what is YOUR style? My job is to implement your (life) style into a space in a harmonious way. Consciously and unconsciously the space we spend time in affects our mental and physical health.

You might feel overwhelmed when planning a renovation because there are many questions such as: What are the best materials, colors, and lighting solutions? How do I accomplish everything with a limited budget? Who will do the job? I can help you with these questions and with any other concerns you may have.

In the first meeting with you as a client I mostly listen to your needs. When I meet with a couple or family, it is important for me to hear everyone. Designing a space is like putting together a puzzle, you have the loose pieces of the picture and I’m there to help you fit them in place. The pieces are made not only from items in the space but also the integration of the users in the space. Very often two different people have completely different taste and needs. The art is to create a space that fulfils everyone’s needs. This does not mean there are no compromises, but the design needs to be implemented in a way that will not lessen the overall joy of the space.

I come with ideas and we evaluate them together and modify them to perfection. To make it easier to understand the ideas behind a 2D drawing, I provide you 3D models and collage of colors, material and furniture. There are many options available, as a professional, I can provide ideas and solutions that you never thought about and enable you to visualise your dream space.

After we make the final decision, I guide you all the way through choosing the right craftsmen, taking care they do the job as we planned, when there are surprises on the way, we will solve them together.

When the puzzle is complete, the four walls becomes a home with your personal touch.

There are some important pieces in this puzzle that I would like to add when possible; colors and (natural) light are very important to our wellbeing and they need to be used wisely. For those who are interested to know more about colours, I give an interactive workshop called “The impact of colours in our life” . This workshop is given at your home with your family/friends. 

For more details you are welcome to contact me.