Taking the first step to learn Dutch is certainly not an easy one, because: where do you start? There are many options in The Hague alone! You also have to ask yourself important questions, such as: do you want to use an app, a website, your older neighbor or would you really rather go to a school in order to master the Dutch language? Well, The Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen has it all, so don’t look any further!


At TaalTaal, you can learn Dutch in an interactive way and always with a personal approach. Small groups, driven teachers, fun activities and a casual, cheerful atmosphere, this does mean that you will receive the real royal treatment, only at TaalTaal! Everyone is a VIP, everyone deserves a red carpet moment during a language course. Practical, realistic and useful Dutch, that is what you will be learning at Taal Taal. While working  in small groups, you will become acquainted with different styles, and teaching and learning methods. What is learned can be put immediately into practice through various quests, practical exercises in the neighbourhood and addictive (online) language games. Get out of the rut of boring grammar and difficult textbooks and learn Dutch in a way that will make you smile from ear to ear!


For example, did you know that:

  • TaalTaal conducts free treasure hunts for students in the famous Madurodam park?
  • You can always take extra lessons at different language levels for free, that is if you happen to be between two levels?
  • TaalTaal has a special classroom with various creative props, dress-up supplies and games? Have fun and learn Dutch in a playful way!


What are you waiting for? Put your crown on and get your ‘RDC’ at TaalTaal!


Check the TaalTaal website for more details: www.taaltaal.nl/en/

Free intakes are available all year round here: www.taaltaal.nl/en/intake/


How about some nice, intensive Dutch? Read more about Dutch Immersion here: www.taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch. 


The TaalTaal autumn courses have started in the week of 18th September, but you can still sign up until October 13th.