Interview with Ludy Holst, Cosmetic Doctor KNMG, Van Lennep Kliniek

"Combine treatments: the whole is more than the sum of its parts"


'For me, it is always about the combination of treatments. If you always focus only on botox or only fillers, you won't get there. The same goes for collagen-stimulating treatments like Radiesse and Sculptra. They are all great treatments, but it's all about the whole. Skincare and skin-enhancing treatments, such as laser and microneedling, are just as important.


It's really bespoke. Filling a face whose skin is uneven and dull doesn't do any good. Similarly, if you have sagging skin, just using botox won't help. It is up to the doctor to see what will help the client the most. Sometimes several treatments are needed, but there is no budget. Then, as a doctor, you have to have the courage to say what you think is best for the client, even if they are only focused on botox, for example. 


I really think that expertise is very important. So much is possible these days. It's about getting skin care right, skin improvement, getting muscles to relax and restoring volume.'


Which new treatments do you like?

'These days, mixing and blending different types of fillers is popular, also known as Hybrid Filler This involves combining collagen-stimulating injectables, such as Sculptra and Radiesse, with a hyaluronic acid filler. The advantage of this is that you kill two birds with one stone. The hyaluronic acid provides an immediately visible effect. It fills immediately and gives support to the skin, which is especially nice for people who want to see immediate results. The collagen-stimulating filler provides collagen production, the effect of which only becomes visible after four to six weeks. 


Whereas hyaluronic acid completely wears off over time, collagen-stimulating filler gives lasting results. For those who do not yet want to start on fillers, it is also possible to mix skin boosters such as Profhilo with collagen boosters. the nice thing about that mixing is that you can determine the dosage yourself and achieve multiple effects in a course of treatment. 


Also promising and relatively new is Polynucleotide, a liquid skin booster with highly effective antioxidant substances that is introduced into the skin via small needles and causes new fibroblasts to be produced in the skin. Fibroblasts are cells responsible for the production of the skin's main components. Polynucleotide stimulates skin cell renewal and is particularly suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. I have also had a Polynucleotide treatment myself and I noticed improvement in the skin under and next to my eyes after just a few days.'