Working and residing as an expatriate in the Netherlands can pose a challenge due to numerous customs and a multitude of arrangements to be made. So how to start? That's where Wecountancy Expat Services comes in. Our specialized expat service is designed exclusively for you as an expat. At Wecountancy Expat Services, we offer a wide range of cross-border employment and expat services to cater to your specific needs.


Who are we?

We are Wecountancy Expat Services - a merged co-operation between ZIRKZEE GROUP and Activa Accountants – a new name but backed by over 25 years of experience. Our team comprises seasoned experts, and we have established collaborations/partnerships with key professionals, including labour lawyers, bankers, notaries, insurers, and global network partners for international tax fine-tuning and more. Wecountancy Expat Services enables mid-size and large (inter)national companies to employ expats in the Netherlands quickly and easily. It's our mission to serve as your trusted expat guide in the Netherlands!


A short list of what we can we do for you:

  • Onboarding employees from outside the Netherlands in the Dutch process:
    • Combined residence/work permit applications, such as highly skilled migrants, orientation year, intra corporate transferee, 
    • startup innovative companies, essential personnel.
    • Applications 30% rulings
    • Personal income tax returns
    • Bsn – Dutch tax ID number
    • Bank account


And this is just a glimpse of everything we can do for you/all the services we have to offer.