"Time well spent!", according to enthusiastic students

Boring textbooks, slow Dutch courses with few contact hours; none of this obviously contributes to the motivation to learn Dutch. A growing number of people therefore prefer to opt for a unique and more effective concept in The Netherlands: Dutch Immersion courses at Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen! These courses have been around for almost over 10 years now and many successful experiences can be told about this course. 


After the summer period, the popularity of TaalTaal Immersion has increased enormously. Even though the groups are quite small, a TaalTaal quality guarantee, there is a very positive group dynamic. Laura from the United States, for example, has signed up for no less than three Dutch Immersion courses and she is certainly not the only one who has decided to immerse herself fully in the Dutch language. Laura has Dutch grandparents who like to speak Dutch with her and nowadays, they practice Dutch together during dinner. Laura's second course for A2 level is now complete. She is tired, but happy: "The best part is meeting other students, everyone wants to help each other out. We all have different personalities, but we also share the same goal."


One of Laura’s classmates is Ana from Croatia, who has lived much of her life in The United States as well. She now works as a lawyer and she is married to a Dutchman. Ana: “You can get by just fine here in English, but you are and you will remain an outsider if you don't speak the language.” Ana calls her Dutch partner a bonus point, because she feels comfortable practicing Dutch with him. She laughs: “It doesn't always help with the explanation, especially where grammar is concerned, but for some general practice a Dutch partner can certainly help. My husband thinks it's cute when I try to speak Dutch. I once said ‘mijn neusje is droog’, which means that my little nose was dry and he thought it was so adorable, haha!'” Ana also confirms that for her ‘camaraderie'  was the best aspect of the Dutch Immersion course.


Laura and Ana are a bit sad that their 'group project' has come to an end, but Laura will continue doing the Immersion 3 course in December and Ana will be back in the new year! Both ladies would love to meet up with ‘the old gang’ again and follow their own tailor-made lessons, which is absolutely possible, but only at TaalTaal!

Do you also want to immerse yourself in a fun and little addictive group? Please visit the TaalTaal website for more information and for the course dates: https://taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch. 


For a free intake, go to: https://taaltaal.nl/en/intake/. The next course season will be starting again for all languages in January: https://taaltaal.nl/en/. 


Also visit the TaalTaal Open Day on December 12th. And do feel free to give TaalTaal a call and one of their friendly colleagues will take the time to answer your questions.