In 'Unbreakable', you will be drawn into a joyful mix of singing, street scenes, visuals and skeleton pantsula.

The Soweto Skeleton Movers once started out as street dancers, but they have long since outgrown that status. Their big break came in 2016 at London's leading festival Breakin' Convention, after Jonzi D discovered the group in Soweto.

In 'Unbreakable', they team up with Rotterdam choreographer Lloyd Marengo (winner Gouden Zwaan 2019) and London theatre director Jonzi D, and the five dancers tell their impressive life stories. Stories set in one of the world's most notorious townships, but despite the many setbacks and wrong temptations that crossed their path, they are unbreakable. In 'Unbreakable', the audience is taken on a joyful mix of song, street scenes, visuals and skeleton pantsula, which brings together traditional South African street dance (pantsula) - known for its stunning acrobatic footwork - and bone breaking. And all supported by a contemporary soundtrack featuring melodic afrohouse and pumping amapiano beats.