Amare is proud to present this epic Tuvan group on their anniversary tour. Known for their wondrous overtone singing, these Central Asian artists have been sharing their deeply rooted traditions around the world for three decades. In doing so, they celebrate not only their careers, but also the survival and flourishing of Tuvan culture, which was nearly eradicated during the Soviet era.


The Tuva people live in the mountains of central Asia, in southwestern Siberia and north of Mongolia. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the music of this nomadic people. According to their animistic beliefs, they live in deep awe of their natural habitat. From taiga to vast plains, roaring rivers or peaceful streams and galloping horses. They mimic these natural phenomena with their specially developed khöömei singing techniques, with which they produce two tones simultaneously: a high whistling tone (sigit) and a deep bass tone (kargiraa: dead to the mountains). Be transported to the Altai mountains with the impressive kargira of Kaigal-ool, the whinnying of the igil horse-head fiddle, the soundscape of steppe and epic warrior tales, for an equally epic concert to attend live!