Using the drama before a premiere to create an opera, Mozart did it! 


In the brilliant comedy Der Schauspieldirektor, the composer takes the opera world by storm. Everything passes by, from rival singers, big egos and hectic rehearsals to arguments on stage. Mozart could richly draw from his own experiences and so could director, opera singer and author Christopher Gillett. He wrote the new stage text and directs Der Schauspieldirektor at Opera Zuid. A hint; 'The curtain rises on a beautiful, seventeenth-century, set from a nineteenth-century perspective. What happens next...I'll keep that a secret for a while, that's part of the fun.'





Kristina Bitenc, Marc Pantus, Daisy Brown, Mitch Raemaekers, Saskia Bonnarius 



Christopher Gillett concept, script, and director

Enrico Delamboye musical director 

Bretta Gerecke lightning design

philharmonie zuidnederland orchestra