Tucked between the shops of Noordeinde shopping street, a small door brings you to Restaurant Botanica, one of the best kept secret of The Hague. A thousand butterflies guide your through the doors. Botanica Restaurant invites local expats on a delightful journey into the world of Dutch cuisine. Beyond being a place to eat, Botanica is a celebration of the flavors that make Dutch food unique, rooted in principles that cherish local ingredients and sustainability.

Dutch Cuisine, the heartbeat of Botanica's kitchen, revolves around the idea of using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. Chef Bas Hoog and his team embody this ethos, creating dishes that highlight the best of Dutch terroir. At Botanica, we believe in the magic of vegetables, putting them at the center of the plate, with meat and fish playing supporting roles to complement our vibrant local produce.


Picture this: a plate where vegetables take the spotlight, and meat and fish act as sidekicks, enhancing the overall experience. We follow the 80-20 rule, celebrating an 80% focus on vegetables and a 20% nod to animal products. It's a balance that not only honors Dutch Cuisine traditions but also ensures a fresh, sustainable, and delicious dining experience.

In line with these principles, Botanica is thrilled to present its Festive Menu, available from the 1st to the 30th of December. Chef Bas Hoog and the team have crafted a seasonal menu that pays homage to Dutch culinary traditions, where vegetables shine, and meat and fish accentuate the flavors. Guests can choose their favorites à la carte or opt for a 4-5 course dining experience that promises a taste of Dutch culinary magic.


To complete your culinary adventure, Botanica offers a curated selection of local drinks, showcasing the diverse and delicious beverages that the region has to offer. Dutch wines, craft beers, and spirits join the party, elevating your dining experience sip by sip.


As the festive season approaches, Botanica Restaurant extends a warm invitation to expats in The Hague. Come and experience the essence of Dutch Cuisine, where vegetables take center stage, and every bite is a celebration of local flavors. Whether you're a seasoned expat or a newcomer, Botanica promises a delicious introduction to the heart of Dutch culinary heritage.


Join us, savor the flavors of Dutch cuisine, and let Botanica be your guide on this culinary odyssey. Because here, it's not just about what you eat; it's about the stories our dishes tell, the traditions they honor, and the joy they bring to your plate.