From 16 December, the Second Harbour will be transformed into a beautiful sea of lights. Over 60 boats will transform the marina into an atmospheric backdrop until 31 January. Enjoy an evening out at the marina with the most romantic view. Or visit the Christmas Village Scheveningen in the Tweede Haven for a real Christmas shopping experience!


The Floating Diva

The festive lighting of the Lights in the Harbour will take place on 16 December at 5.00 pm with a spectacular performance on the water. Is it a dreamscape of a lost lady, or a siren after all? Floating in a huge ball gown, a soprano sings famous arias by Mozart and Puccini. Gracefully propelled by two graceful water lakes, the diva enchants the audience with her pure voice.


The sculpture is inspired by seventeenth-century costume and the Dutch landscape. The Floating Diva evokes associations with mermaids and shipwreck stories: the spectre of a wandering lady at sea, drowned in an earlier time ...


Till 31 December, the lights in the Second Harbour can be admired. On 16 December, there will be a festive opening with the Floating Diva (duration: 20 minutes).