With a new concert tour, Night Fever pays tribute to the legendary Gibb brothers. Prepare for a 2.5-hour show full of Bee Gees hits, a backdrop of led walls, a guest singer and a formation of eight top musicians. Grand, impressive and only to be seen in the biggest halls in our country. The revamped Nights on Broadway show stands like a house.

In their 50-year music career, the Bee Gees grow into icons of pop music and one of the most successful bands in history. With, of course, the disco classics 'More than a woman', 'Stayin' Alive' and 'You should be dancing, yeah', but also with the much-loved sound of 'Massachusetts,' 'Spicks and specks,' 'Words' and 'To love somebody', Barry, Maurice and Robin stormed the charts time and again.

Night Fever has been turning theatres upside down for years with a live performance of the Bee Gees repertoire. The successful German formation reproduces the Gibb brothers' sound to perfection and the show is a must-see for any Bee Gees fan.