A family drama where honor, dignity, love, desire and social ascent intertwine... Realistic subjects treated with unique poetry.

Toine, a farm hand, is hunchbacked, and this infirmity weighs heavily on him because he secretly loves the beautiful Naïs, the only daughter of his employer, Father Micoulin, an old bear who doesn't mess around with virtue. Along comes a Parisian student, Frédéric, a handsome, smooth-talking young man, who seduces the innocent girl, provoking the fury of the patriarch.

A portrait of rural customs, social divisions, family conflicts and thwarted love stories. Not a word is too much in this extraordinary adaptation of Naïs, and the six actors take us completely on board. The story is powerful in its universality, the characters endearing even in their cruelty because of their very humanity, and the dialogue has the modesty to hide the tragedy under an appearance of comedy. Accessible from age 12.