Are you thinking about taking a language course at the Language Institute TaalTaal or are you already taking one? There is a good chance that you have met some members of the team behind the scenes. Some of TaalTaal All Stars are revealing their funniest and surprising facts!


There is All Star Niamh, the creative jack-of-all-trades from Ireland. Not only is she an English teacher and musician, but she has also recently started actively managing TaalTaal's Instagram page. You can always contact Niamh for wise advice or vintage shopping addresses. Her message to her students and her life motto is: "Never give up - the moon and the sun shine at different times."


Fazia is TaalTaals very own 'trouble shooter'. Nothing or no one is too much or too difficult to handle for All Star Fazia, English Headteacher. She takes good care of everybody. Fazia is always busy, but never too busy to listen to students or whoever needs her assistance or help. For her, feeling part of the TaalTaal family is the message she wants to send out to current and potential students. Fazia: "Most students come from far and wide and TaalTaal offers them warmth and comfort. This is what family does, this is what family is about."


All Star Isbel 'el cubano' has been working at TaalTaal since the arrival of the steam locomotive ;-). He is a Spanish Headteacher and he is also responsible for planning all the language courses. Isbel always says that he has 'everything under control', especially because he likes to listen to optimistic music such as Afrobeats. If there were ever a version of a TaalTaal reality series, he would love to take on the role of 'Doctor Love'. Isbel: "All you need is love, surrounded by only people with positive energy; away from lovelessness, jealousy and negativity."


Peter is the new All Star Dutch teacher and he is already the ultimate favorite of many TaalTaal students. Yet the feedback that stuck with him most is a bit unusual. Peter: "Of course you prefer to hear that you are a fantastic teacher, but a student once said that my hair looked nice. Now nice is not the first word that comes to mind when I think about my hair, but every compliment is a gift and it also gave me the opportunity to enrich her vocabulary with the expression 'als je haar maar goed zit' (as long as your hair looks good)."


Nadia is a veteran All Star, she knows TaalTaal inside and out. She especially cherishes warm memories from all the TaalTaal dinners with colleagues, but she loves food anyway. Japanese food is her favorite.


All Star Cecilia from administration is also not averse to food. She regularly brings delicious cookies, sometimes home-baked and sometimes bought from a great bakery. Cecilia starts her day with a cup of tea and sorting out the emails. She looks forward to pleasant conversations in the hallway with colleagues during her busy days. Cecilia: "When it's busy, we slowly become corny as a team, those are the funniest and most enjoyable moments!"


Diaan lives by the beach and works as a secretary at TaalTaal. Diaan stands out because of her always matching outfits. She loves color, but a completely black and white ensemble is always a winner. Diaan: "Let's not forget the matching shoes and earrings!" Diaan's favorite lunch? “A bapao sandwich with hot chili sauce!”


All Star Marian is called 'the godmother of TaalTaal'. She is also known for often forgetting to drink her coffee, because she is so busy. Her favorite drink from the coffee machine is Wiener Melange. Marian: "I usually take 3, because I never finish my drink completely and then I have to throw the other half away!" Marian is always most proud when the entire team works together to make sure that the new season can start and continue with as few problems as possible, and she loves it if there are more registrations compared to the past season.


Would you like to meet these team members and other All Stars? For example, who likes to walk around TaalTaal in socks rather than shoes? Keep guessing and come visit TaalTaal for a language course, a free intake or just a cup of coffee. The new course season has again started for all languages.


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