Do you have the 30% ruling in 2024? It would be wise to check out if you meet the revised salary requirements for the 30% ruling this calendar year.


Taxable salary level

As you may know, in order to be eligible for the 30% ruling, your taxable salary needs to be at a certain minimum level. Would this taxable salary fall below the required level, you may lose the ruling. There are different reasons why your taxable salary can fall below the minimum required level.


Age, degree and minimum salary test

An employee, younger than 30 years of age who has a qualifying Master degree, had to earn at least a taxable salary of € 31.891 to be eligible for the 30% ruling in 2023. This year, the minimum taxable salary level has substantially increased to € 35.048. The same has happened to employees older than 29 years of age. In 2023 their minimum taxable salary had to amount to at least € 41.954 to qualify for the 30% ruling. This year the amount is € 46.107.


If your taxable salary over 2023 nearly met the minimum required taxable salary level, it would be very wise to carefully check the consequences for 2024 and if you are eligible to a salary increase in 2024 or to incidental bonus- or other payments. If it appears, later in 2024 that you do not meet the minimum required taxable salary level valid for 2024, you may lose the 30% ruling backwards from 1 January 2024 and on. In case your employer has been paying you out the 30% reimbursement, you may be forced to pay it back.


Salary level fall

Note that if you are going to work parttime in the course of the calendar year, it may result in you ending up below the minimum required taxable salary level. Parttime salaries are not converted into a fulltime salary level to meet the minimum required taxable salary level for the 30% ruling. Please keep that in mind!


If you become sick and your employer decreases your taxable salary level with the salary valued at one or two sickness days (waiting days), you may fall below the required taxable salary level as well. Note that there are more pitfalls, such as lowering the salary by an employee’s own pension contribution; but on the other hand, a company provided car results in a possible higher taxable salary level.

Please be aware of all salary changes in 2024, it is worth to monitor these and to seek professional advice before it is too late.