He was born in Edinburgh within 1 kilometer of Edinburgh Castle, and also close to where Sean Connery was born. "Only he was 16 years older!" Scottish 'sir' and TaalTaal student Ian Macfarlane smiles: "I spent the first 49 years of my life in Edinburgh, only laterally realising what a beautiful city it is. I was force fed that by American visitors!"

Ian is 77 years old, but wild at heart with the cheeky mindset of a teenage boy. He had a career in investment management, travelling the world. After a number of difficult life events, Ian wanted to move forward and he became a diver in Egypt. Ian: "I was so into diving that after a few years, I became an instructor which really was the beginning of my career as a dive guide in the Red Sea. There I learnt my first two words of Dutch, assisting a Dutch dive guide and his group of 'Nederlanders'; 'diepte' (maximum depth) and 'tijd' (time under water). A year or two later I was leading a group of about six to eight divers. On days 3 to 5 there was a pleasant Dutch lady in my group; however on a dive boat everyone rests between dives. Then I met her, Betty, at the dive centre which is usually an indication of departure, because the clients come to pay their extras. We had a wee chat, and surprisingly she was not flying home the next day. We had a nice dinner together and I even got to take her back to her hotel. Aaaand I was thrown out by the security guards, haha!"

Once back in Europe, Betty and Ian met frequently, and they got married in 2009. Ian: "I did try to learn some Dutch more than ten years ago, but only learned a very little bit. Maureen, our daughter-in-law, was my most patient Dutch teacher at that time, she had a very calm way of correcting my speech. But then she had children, and her “Ian time” disappeared – jammer!" With various bureaucratic nightmares and Brexit, Ian and Betty decided that it would be best if Ian had similar rights in The Netherlands; such as to obtain a Dutch passport. So that led Ian to the Inburgering exams and to the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen. Ian had a most welcoming and informative first impression of the school and he soon started a private Dutch course with Fleur. Ian: "She has the wonderful knack of taking our conversations from English/Dinglish-minus and steering it back towards Dinglish-plus/Dutch! We arranged my exams and with lots of help and even more encouragement from Fleur I did it. The three multiple choice exams seemed to suit me; my wife could not believe that I got a 9 for listening. What I had been taught by Fleur was excellent for me for the writing exam as well. The speaking exam I found much more difficult, because I don’t enjoy the sound of my own voice, so revising my answer was a waste of time. But I squeezed through with a 6. Job well done – thanks Fleur!"

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