Jiří Kylián created 27’52” for NDT 2 in 2002, a work that takes the audience along for a game of seeking and being sought, of holding and being held, pushing and pulling. A game in which the dancer must ultimately exit the stage solo. The title refers to both the length of the work, 27 minutes and 52 seconds, as well as the date of birth of former NDT-dancer and NDT 2’s artistic leader Gerald Tibbs. 27’52” was developed through a unique collaboration with composer Dirk Haubrich.

On the work, Jiří Kylián says: “27’52” is a work concerned with at least four elements: time, speed, love, and constant changes. […] Every split of a second of our life is responsible for our aging, and every moment of our life represents some kind of change. To me this is a very reassuring and liberating thought. We don’t have to remain the same from our birth to our death. We have the ability to change.”

Since 2002 Maxine Doyle has been director and choreographer for Punchdrunk, with whom she
co-directed the multi-award-winning Sleep No More, The Drowned Man, The House Where Winter Lives, The Firebird Ball, Faust, and more. Doyle has created for various dance companies as well as for television and film. Her work combines an intense physicality with a focus on crafting characters and non-linear narratives. The premiere that she will be presenting with NDT 2 marks Doyle’s debut with the company and will centre around a creative collaboration with composer and musician Cassie Kinoshi who will create an original score for the work.