Lisette and Saskia find friendship and fun during an intensive English course. 


“Whose idea was this?”, the two ladies ask each other without saying a word. After a busy week full of activities in Curaçao, Saskia and Lisette started a fiveday English course on an autumnal Monday morning at the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen. The 'immersion' is hard for them, because of jet lag from here to Willemstad!


Lisette: “We get homework, while the laundry baskets at home are still filled to the brim. Our white faces don't betray the fact that we were on a tropical island just a few days ago. Half way through the week we get to have fun. We're giggling at the back of the classroom again, just like we did 30 years ago. Our two teachers are driven to teach us a lot and they pull out all the stops. Niamh from Ireland teaches us to make the language more colourful with typical English sayings, while the British Helena teaches us more about manners. It's a golden combination!"


Later that week, Lisette and Saskia gave a presentation to other students in English about 'Passion for Prevention'. Saskia was serious about the correct grammar, while Lisette enthusiastically sang a song by René Froger for the group. Lisette: “After the Dutch hit 'Een eigen huis', I immediately switched to 'You've got a friend'. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call, I sang at the top of my lungs. Afterwards we handed out toothbrushes and as it turned out not all the participants understood the message about the food bank. All in all, it was a presentation to remember.”


On the last day of school, Saskia and Lisette treated their teachers to lunch. They themselves received certificates, Christmas crackers and unicorn Christmas baubles. Lisette looked back on the course with satisfaction: “A unique friendship developed this week, we laughed a lot and our spoken English is so much better now!”


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