Does the following sound familiar? You are busy with your work, your family, your sports club and your favorite Netflix series, so learning Dutch fades a bit into the background: 'Some other time maybe'. That other time will of course never come. So how about a change; give that mindset a thorough sweep with a mental broom this spring and let the big spring cleaning begin! Move aside, make way for the newest and most relaxing lan- guage course for people with busy lifestyles: 'Dutchfor Busy People'.

There is always a pleasant atmosphere at the TaalTaal Language Institute in Schevenin- gen. This way you can take the best language courses all year round, six days a week, on days and times that suit you. There is only one nagging thing and that is...homework! In or- der to progress, it is of course important to work on the language regularly - preferably daily – which means that you cannot really avoid doing your homework. In reality, unfortu- nately, it is more often the rule than the exception that homework is simply not possible, due to busy work or children who like to use mom or dad as a climbing frame, which means they cannot calmly study the material.

Fear not, 'Dutch for Busy People' distinguishes itself from other Dutch courses through a combination of a high frequency of lessons (2 x 2 hours of lessons per week) and a re- laxed pace of a total of 10 weeks in which homework is not really a priority. Because the course has more hours than a regular one, homework is dealt with during class time.

"Sorry, I didn't have time for my homework again" and the associated 'homework shame' are a thing of the past at 'Dutch for Busy People'. Get busy and take a quick look at the website for more information about this 'chill' course:

'Dutch for Busy People' is offered for different levels and you can choose from physical lessons at TaalTaal or online lessons. Because of the leisurely pace, there will be plenty of time left for 'Netflix and chill' or for one of the many other fun language courses that will be starting again at the end of April. See the website for details.

TaalTaal has two Open Days on April 10th and 13th. If those days don't suit you, then you can get a free intake appointment at 

If you're not too busy, then you're also welcome at any of the other courses. Did you know that it's possible to learn Spanish or Italian from English? A lot of the popular TaalTaal courses also have variants aimed at English speakers. You can even learn Japanese from English.