Noah Yorke, Tara Pasveer en Wouter Mol

After a few successful shows in London, Noah Yorke, Tara Pasveer and Wouter Mol now bring their alternative pop line-up to a beautiful church in The Hague. In their performances you hear sensitive songs alternated with powerful, rhythmic pieces and innovative, experimental elements. The music in combination with their radiant presence provides a special experience. On April 20th they will give both an afternoon and an evening concert.


Noah Yorke is a London-based singer-songwriter who seeks to pursue honest self expression in music and tries to communicate the sense of spirituality that he feels when he reaches the right place in his playing. Over the past three years he has released a series of singles, one of which being the widely recognized 'Trying Too Hard (Lullaby)'.


Tara Pasveer creates a musical dream world using her voice, electronics and various other instruments like flute and banjo. Her music is both melodic and experimental and reminds of artists like Björk and Liz Fraser. Tara’s lyrics are a combination of English and made-up languages. February 2023, she released her debut EP ‘Og Imtel’.


Wouter Mol started singing in Dutch after he realized that sounds that he finds so beautiful in the Scandinavian languages, are also present in his native tongue. Wouter creates alternative songs about the sensitive inner world of humans. Engaging and totally immersive, Wouter sings with guitar and electronics, bringing his infectious personality to the forefront and capturing the attention of all.