There is medicine all around us, we just have to open up our senses and reconnect. Follow worldwide renowned Herbalist Dave Achula as you search for the healing ingredients within the The Hague's most diverse natural environment. Explore and hike as we go into the depths of the land to discover only the most powerful herbs and, along the way, unearth the traditions and heart behind the medicinal plant.


In the herbal medicine walk, you will learn the basics of herbal medicine, including how to identify different herbs, how to create your own herbal remedies, and how to incorporate herbal medicine into your daily routine. Whether you're interested in natural wellness for yourself or for others, our Medicine Walk is the perfect place to start.


Enjoy meeting like-minded people

Listening, Immersing, smelling, tasting and sharing your feelings with like-minded people in nature will bring you a powerful transformation of your well-being.

Experience the power of wild Herbs

For healing powers return to the original Pharmacy, not the grey building in the middle of the city. Explore natures finest treasures and learn the art & science of Herbalism. Hike in the dunes & forest for over 4 hours and gather over 15 wild herbs while understanding the healing potency of the plant, and how to harvest and use them to your benefit.


After Booking you will receive all the necessary information.