No party as dynamic and colourful as the funfair! Characterised by the many sparkling lights, festive music and the speed of the modern and sensational attractions. But also the smell of hot oil balls, popcorn and candyfloss. Not for nothing is the fair - together with carnival and St Nicholas - among the three oldest traditions in the Netherlands.

Funfair on the Malieveld

The city celebrates its Koningskermis (King's Fair) from 5 April to 27 April, during which the large Malieveld will again be transformed into a grand travelling amusement park with attractions for young and old, something for everyone and affordable! 


During the funfair in The Hague, the Dutch carnival company will once again present itself to the full with a selection of delicacies, fun games and a mix of nostalgic, modern and spectacular entertainment for children, youngsters and the older generation alike. Literally something for everyone, for young and old, for big and small, all age groups get their money's worth!

The funfair at the Frederik Hendrikplein will start on 19 April until 5 May. This is near Frederik Hendriklaan (also known as 'De Fred'), an authentic piece of The Hague with international character.