A recognized sponsor is an employer that has been granted a special status by Immigration and Naturalization Services (IND). This special status gives access to an accelerated procedure and quick decisions to obtain combined residence- and work permits for highly skilled migrants. Recognized sponsors do not have to go through the standard regular lengthy IND application processes.

This makes it easier and faster for the employer to bring non-EU nationals/employees to the Netherlands which can be a significant advantage, especially if your organization often hires employees from other countries. By offering a streamlined immigration process and taking care of the paperwork and logistics associated with applying for a residence- and work permit, your organization can make it easier for talented individuals to come work for you.

To be eligible for the status of recognized sponsor, your organization must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and must meet certain financial and organizational requirements, such as being financially stable enough to support the highly skilled migrant permit holder/employee. In addition, you must have a good compliance system to ensure that your organization works in accordance with Dutch laws and regulations.

Assuming that your organization meets the admission criteria, the next step to become a recognized sponsor is to submit an application to the IND. The application fee to become a recognized sponsor is a one-off, non-refundable amount of €4,560, or €2,279 for small companies (up to 50 employees). After the careful prepared application has been submitted, it may take several weeks or even months for the IND to process it. It is advised to gain professional advice to avoid surprises and cost increasing delay before applying!

If the application is approved, your organization is characterized as a recognized sponsor. In principle, this is for an indefinite period, unless the sponsorship is withdrawn. The IND can withdraw the sponsorship in the event of, for example, abuse, failure to comply with the conditions, or if the sponsorship is not used for several years.

Having become a recognized sponsor, your organization can directly start to apply for highly skilled migrant permits on behalf of non-EU nationals/employees!!