Anúna makes many a music lover's heart beat faster. The internationally renowned choir enchants its audience with angelic singing and Gregorian chants of unparalleled class. It is now a tradition for Anúna to tour our country in December.

Led by composer, arranger and tenor Michael McGlynn, the singers cherish their direct contact with the audience. Regularly, they move gracefully through the aisles while singing. Thus, the listener is literally surrounded by a tapestry of flawless angelic singing, rhythmic songs and meditative Gregorian chants. The rarely beautiful polyphony betrays great practise and discipline.


Anúna draws inspiration for its richly varied repertoire both from religious sources and from old world folk tales. The Christmas programme includes well-known carols such as 'Silent Night' and 'Away in a manger'. Combining breathtakingly beautiful a cappella singing, beautiful costumes and flickering candlelight, Anúna creates an atmosphere guaranteed to transport you into heavenly spheres.