As dusk begins to fall, the entertainment at Scheveningen comes to meet you. Tour around in a carriage like true royalty and get carried away by all the light objects and pop up acts. Enjoy metre-sized illuminated kites, dance alongside the ballerina in a snowglobe, watch the ice-skating show at Cool Event in between, and end the evening with the Human Discoball or Lucifer's Party fire act on the North Boulevard.

Carriage rides: 

15:00 - 19:00 hrs.


Snowglobe Ballerina, 

Central Boulevard: 

16.00, 16.45, 17.15, 

18.00, 19.15 hrs.

Skating show Kurhausplein: 

16.30, 18.45 hrs.


Illuminated kites, 

Central Boulevard: 

16.30-20.00 hrs.

(29,30 Dec and 13,14 Jan)


Pop-up acts, Central Boulevard:

5.00, 5.45, 6.30 pm


Lucifer's Party, Fire Act or Human Discoball, North Boulevard: 

19.30-20.00 hrs.