Like no other, Bach knows how to capture the jubilant joy of the Christmas season in music. His cantata for Christmas Day therefore begins with the grand opening chorus 'Jauchzet, frohlocket!', accompanied by timpani blasts and trumpet blasts. The narration of the Christmas story is followed by an intimate aria by the alto, who looks forward to the arrival of her divine bridegroom. The bass welcomes the heavenly king in a majestic aria, even though, after the heavenly splendour, the baby awaits only a modest manger here on earth. The Bach Choir and the Bach Orchestra pull out all the stops for a festive performance.


Christmas is not just an empty cry of 'peace on earth'; injustice reigns in many places. The divine child that Mary is expecting will make justice prevail and that is what the Magnificat is about: 'rulers he makes bite the dust while exalting the humble, hungry he feeds while rich are sent away.' Mary's hymn is interspersed with angelic songs to texts like 'Glory on high to God and on earth peace to men.' This Christmas message is exuberantly performed by the Chamber Choir and the Bach Orchestra.



J.S. Bach 'Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage' from Weihnachtsoratorium (BWV 248-I)


J.S. Bach - Magnificat (BWV 243)


Residentie Bach Choir

Residentie Chamber Choir

Residence Bach Orchestra

Soprano - Keren Motseri

Soprano - ntb

Alto - Kaspar Kröner

Tenor - ntb

Bass - Pieter Hendrickx

Conductor - Jos Vermunt