TaalTaal language courses in Scheveningen for everyone from January 16th. 

The eventful year 2022 has already come to an end and we are boldly moving forward again. Of course nobody knows what 2023 will bring us, but Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen secretly looks into the crystal ball. Despite the uncertainties that many people face, the enthusiastic TaalTaal team is hoping to open new or familiar hearts in 2023. After all, the love for language can delight and unite people, especially in times of division. At TaalTaal you always follow the language lessons in your own way in an informal and safe atmosphere, where you do not have to think about the outside world. 

In any case, pleasure in learning is paramount at the Language Institute TaalTaal. Whether you prefer physical lessons in a small group or opt for online lessons, TaalTaal is always happy to help you out by paying special attention to your personal preferences. Although most people prefer physical lessons nowadays, quite a few people still attend lessons online, especially if they're further away from The Hague or on a trip. 

In addition to group courses, TaalTaal also offers tailor-made courses such as private courses, for example, Business Dutch, in-company courses and Immersion courses. Immersion is absolutely suitable for people who want to quickly and intensively familiarize themselves with the principles of Dutch or English. New Immersion courses will be taking place every month starting with three participants in a class and these classes always take place in-person at TaalTaal in Scheveningen. Read more about Immersion and the start dates here: https://taaltaal.nl/immersion

In the week of January 16th, the group courses will be starting again for all languages, including Dutch, English, Spanish but also more niche languages like Japanese and Arabic. Have you become curious and could you use a language boost? It is also always possible to do a free (online) intake via https://taaltaal.nl/en

If you use the Local Expat Discount code, you will get a € 20 discount.