A Hague beer tasting at the downtown tasting room of Hague Brewery Kompaan: Binnenhaven. During this hour-and-a-half-long tasting session, you will be told all about six beers from The Hague, three from the core range and three seasonal specials. While enjoying a bitterball, one of the experts will tell you the story about the brewery and take you on a tour of the ingredients.

Kompaan has been around for 10 years this year! The brewery is located at the Binckhorst and is known for its many award-winning beers. Last year, the brewery opened a new branch in the city: Binnenhaven. As a result, beers brewed 5 km away can now be tried in the city centre! Book a table at Kompaan Binnenhaven to be sure of your spot for the tasting!


The craft-beer bar is located on Torenstraat, right next to the famous coffee and ice cream parlour Florencia. This tasting room, Binnenhaven, can seat 100 guests inside.

Note: reservations not required, but handy to do!