From 16 December 2022 to 16 February 2023, Museon-Omniversum will present the unique Arctic Northern Lights Experience at night. This duo show consists of the big-screen film The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness and the full dome show Résonances Boréales.

The show first takes you on a journey to the Arctic where you can enjoy the pristine nature, where animals like caribou, musk oxen and wolves roam freely. National Geographic photographer Florian Schulz captured one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles: the migration of 200,000 caribou that travel more than 1,000 kilometres twice a year.

Then experience a breath-taking show in which Roman Zavada’s piano playing and the Northern Lights form a unique dialogue on Museon-Omniversum’s 360-degree dome screen. Stunning real-time images of the Aurora Boréalis (the northern lights) poetically mirror the piano music and make you feel as if you were on the spot yourself.