Could you also use some positive energy? At the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen, you can imagine yourself in a different environment for a few hours a week.

If you're not able to visit in person, then it's possible to attend a variety of lessons virtually. People from all over the country and abroad are signing up to experience some TaalTaal 'gezelligheid'.

Did you know that there are many positive effects to learning a new language? First, it strengthens your brain and trains your memory. It also ensures that your attention is shifted and you do not have to think about daily worries.

Many TaalTaal students also experience that they gain more self-confidence. You are learning something that you did not know or could do before and then suddenly you have a conversation in a completely different language! Nowadays we don't meet new people very quickly, but a language course can change that. Together with your group members you will unravel the mysteries of a new language and culture, you can laugh while playing role plays and you often also gain more insight into your own language.

For many expats, learning Dutch is a real must-do. Not only can it be good for work or training, but it also helps you to look at the (new) living environment with an open mind. That "feeling of success" can give you a real boost!

TaalTaal is also working on the "TaalTaal Social Club", which is a free activity where students can meet others outside of class and undertake fun social and cultural activities together.