Nearly 1 year after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Orphans Feeding Foundation – the global health and humanitarian aid organisation – continues to support hospitals and civilians across the front-line regions.


During the many missions on the ground, the NGO has been able to discuss continuously with the hospital doctors, the nurses, the orphanages directors and the coordinators of the civilian communities to assess the exact needs of the moment. The organisation then turns to their network of sponsors and donors to gather the requested goods and deliver them as soon as possible to the front line.


Thanks to a partnership with the Dutch Artsenhulp voor Oekraine, the organisation has been able to deliver 7 Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHK) in December and January, enabling the hospitals to treat 10,000 patients for 3 months. Such kits have been delivered to Slovyansk, Bakhmut, Izium Kramatorsk or Zaporizhzhia.

The NGO’s co-founder Mariam Lambert and her team have also been able to gather key information in terms of medicine stocks and needs from the front-line hospitals. This has enabled to organisation to already adapt their strategy to better match the needs with more appropriate medicine and delivery locations. 


But the countless tons of medicine are not the only type of support the NGO provides. Indeed, Orphans Feeding Foundation trucks full of Starlink systems, generators and winter gear have also reached the units defending the Eastern front of Bakhmut, Soledar and other now-famous cities of Donbas.


Since March 2022, Orphans Feeding Foundation continues to deliver critical humanitarian aid to the people who really need it, assuring that all the donations received are used to match exactly what the Ukrainian people need right now.


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