At the Language Institute TaalTaal, it's possible to learn 20 different languages, most of which have variants which are suitable to English speakers. If you want to feel in a different environment with like-minded people for a few hours and focus on positive energy and learning new things, this is really for you.


If you like to get to know different people, TaalTaal offers several free options, such as the free "All-You-Can-Talk' classes for Dutch, English and Spanish and different activities as part of the TaalTaal Social Club.


There are also different online communities being run by TaalTaal, such as the Expat Community of The Hague on Facebook and Housing in The Hague, Delft and Leiden. There is quite a broad interest from the institute in engaging with the expat community in various positive and social ways.


For many, learning Dutch is mandatory, but that doesn't mean it cannot be fun. There are lots of little humorous tidbits being incorporated in Dutch classes. Students find that by really getting into it, there are fewer and fewer mysteries.

If you really want to get into learning Dutch, there is the Immersion program of 60 hours in two weeks, which gets you to an A1 level from complete beginners. And afterwards, you're entitled to free AYCT classes for at least a year, so you can be sure to keep your solid foundation.


Students say it really helps with their self-confidence when speaking Dutch, especially because they get to train it with native Dutch people in the area under the guidance of the teacher. While the use of apps and other methods is encouraged, the power of a real class is being able to practice actual engagement with real people and feeling comfortable with that so that habits become automatic and natural.


Can you also use a positive experience? Then quickly book a 'language ticket' and push your boundaries with a TaalTaal course! 

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The next season will start in the week of April 24th with Open Days on the 1st and 12th of April. If you sign up, make sure to use the discount code TTLEDSC for a nice discount. Immersion classes and private lessons start throughout the year.