The debut album by duo Avenue Azure consists of the imaginary folk music of ghost towns. 


Ensemble Klang Records is proud to announce the release of Avenue Azure, the eponymous debut album by Avenue Azure, a duo formed by Netherlands-based musicians Pete Harden (electric guitar, electronics) and Saskia Lankhoorn (piano, voice, electronics). This is an intimate, enveloping listen to the imaginary folk music of ghost towns - unfolding according to its own clock, at once inviting and "different."


The album was written, performed, edited and composed by the Harden / Lankhoorn duo between 2019 and 2022. The "almost-songs" contain the crystalline timbres of electric guitar and piano, dotted with spectral vocals and emulsive electronics. The music traces landscapes, skies and seas, creating atmospheres that occupy a transformative space, music of transition, enveloping the listener in dark comfort.