You walk slowly through the forest which turns into the dunes, in this transition you can see how the flora and fauna change around us, both landscapes uniquely equipped with their own herbs. During the hike, you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you and connect with nature.


You will encounter wild herbs and the guide will tell you about the native use and the modern use of the plant. You will learn how to consciously pick wild game and will be treated to some poisonous plants that you have to be careful with. By working with nature's seasons and cycles, you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, mind and science, seeing nature as home and habitat for more than just humans, listening, feeling, looking, collecting, smelling, creating and tasting in a green environment has a deep impact and offers wisdom that you will not soon forget if you can connect it to memory, time, place and taste.


The hike is a perfect experience to strengthen your connection with nature and build your knowledge of medicinal plants in different ways. So whether you are someone new or experienced in the plant world or you want to be more present in yourself and/or nature, this walk is beneficial in both cases.