New language courses will be starting in the week of April 24th

Do you know where it’s really always spring? The answer is simple: at the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen! Whether you are learning Spanish, Arabic, Dutch or Turkish, you are almost guaranteed to leave the (online) classroom with a radiant smile. So, quickly get out of your ‘winter depression’ and sign up for a spring course at TaalTaal!


Learning a new language brings a lot of great benefits. Not only do you remain active mentally, it also ensures that you can exchange a few words with your new foreign in-laws. Yay, you're five points ahead of being approved! And do you want to impress the locals at your holiday address? Say no more, after a basic Spanish course, you can simply order your favorite drink in the original language. Want to bet that the waiter will run just a little faster for you and certainly won't ‘accidentally’ drop a hair in your gazpacho on purpose?


At TaalTaal, lessons are given in an informal way, often with the necessary humor, which keeps you motivated to keep going. Do you prefer a somewhat stricter approach? No problem, this is possible as well! And whether you would like to follow face-to-face lessons or whether you prefer online from the comfort of your own chair, the quality of the courses remains fully guaranteed, the TaalTaal team will take care of that. For example, are you unable to attend a lesson for some reason? A catch-up lesson is usually a piece of cake, so always ask about the possibilities!


Nowadays life is expensive enough, which is why TaalTaal comes to the rescue: for example, a personal online level assessment is available all year round and don't forget it is free of charge: After the intake/level assessment you know exactly which course suits you best. Did you also know that TaalTaal students can attend FREE conversation lessons? 'All-You-Can-Talk' is offered for the languages Dutch, English and Spanish. During these lessons you will be trained in pronunciation and speaking fluently in a relaxed way, and you will also feel more and more confident in speaking a foreign language.


Can't wait to blow people away with your language skills? Then follow the TaalTaal spring breeze to the Hoge Prins Willemstraat (near the Hoogvliet Supermarket) and visit the Open Days on 1st and 12th April for more information, free intakes and tasty snacks and drinks.

The new group courses for all languages will be starting in the week of April 24th: