If you are looking for beautiful, tailored clothes, NEW TAILOR is now just around the corner at Aert van der Goesstraat 29 (near The Fred). They are NEW in The Hague but have already been in the menswear tailoring business in Utrecht & Amsterdam for 25 years. Since 1997, they have been the inspiring and accessible tailor shop for tailor-made jackets, suits, shirts, pants and more. Clothes especially made for you are not just a luxury but also a pleasant necessity. They make your clothes refined, more personal, durable, beautiful, and unique.


Dress consciously and beautifully

They make all your Business Wear, Casual Wear, Formal Wear, & Wedding Wear. From a suit to a morning coat, from a polo shirt to an overshirt, and a bomber to an ulster coat. The number of choices, options, models, and fits is countless, as everything is made according to your wishes. NEW TAILOR is happy to help put together your complete wardrobe and curate other stylish decisions with you. In our clothes, you feel good, strong, and beautiful. That is our goal. And that's why we love our profession. Dress consciously and beautifully, and you will boost yourself and those around you.


Tailored in the Netherlands, if you like

Dirk-Jan van den Dool, manager for NEW TAILOR in The Hague, told the local expat: “We still make many of the jackets and suits entirely in-house. A true experience, and we can rightfully call ourselves a tailor shop. We take extreme pleasure in this and are proud of it. It is also the future of clothing. Consciously making and wearing clothes. Timeless. Elegant. Personal. In our workshop, The Lounge, in Utrecht, our five tailors make jackets and suits from scratch from the finest quality fabrics. Of course, you are welcome in our workshop to see for yourself how much (hand)work goes into a jacket or suit and to discuss the last little details.” 


If you make an appointment, the tailors will be happy to show you and let you feel everything in terms of fabrics and fits. Pay them a visit and discuss the many options and get inspired during a cup of coffee or a glass of wine! Have a look at their website www.newtailor.com or call them at +3170 2116721.