Celebrate King's Day 2022 in the Zuiderpark in The Hague. Kingsworld will simply remain in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands... The Hague! The great Festival look will be even more fun than last year and an entire stadium will be added as a decor!!

The line-up is almost complete, but that a big leap has been made in the greatness of the artists can already be revealed. The organization is extra thick. The visitors have had to wait so long for it. Kingsworld The Hague promises to be another party for everyone. Divided over 3 areas, artists are programmed who bring all target groups together and with whom everyone can identify. In short, that's what King's Day stands for.


The Mainstage is the stage with the great National artists of the moment. In addition, the Dutch song will be sung by artists of national allure in the aptly named “House of Orange”. Finally, there is the 90's area, which is all about the wrong 90s. Because who doesn't like a little wrong every now and then.


The Hague has of course a longstanding reputation in the field of the “nach” in advance. But with Kingsworld, The Hague will also become a city to stay on King's Day. Where previously the public flocked to other major cities on King's Day, it is now more than worthwhile for Feesters to stay in The Hague and go to the Festival site in the Zuiderpark for a gigantic King's Day Festival at the highest level. You can expect a beautifully decorated grand festival with nice seating areas everywhere and a wide range of food trucks for the inner person from the organization, which is also responsible for the annual festival "The Hague Outdoor" in the Zuiderpark. So on King's Day you go to Kingsworld The Hague!. There is something for everyone, a wonderful Festival for everyone!!


The presale starts Thursday, January 27 at 7 p.m. The early birds are rewarded with an Early Stork” ticket with their purchase of the tickets for a reduced amount of only € 25.00.