One of the most prominent buildings of the Noordeinde is situated on the corner with Oranjestraat.  The striking white and blue façade is adorned with large captivating window displays. For over three decades, this mesmerising building has been home to the renowned art gallery, 'De Twee Pauwen,' whose ever-evolving showcase of breathtaking art has become a familiar sight for the residents of Den Haag and curious passersby.

Little do many realise that the force behind these impressive windows is an organisation that, much like the art it celebrates, is constantly evolving and adapting to the dynamic world of art and design.


Recently, an exciting new collaboration has emerged between De Twee Pauwen and Interior Design and Architecture studio, 'Vanessa Leyland Interiors.' Together, they are forging a harmonious union between art and interior design, offering fresh perspectives and inspiration for those looking to elevate their living spaces.


Art plays a major role in a home, an interior without art lacks personality. Art and interior design are not dependent on each other but are certainly complementary. With this new co-operation De Twee Pauwen and Leyland interiors feel that they can give a more comprehensive and innovative advice to those who want to improve or change their living surroundings.