Noordeinde, Hoogstraat, Heulstraat, and the Plaats not only form the Royal Shopping District by name, but in recent years, the number of new shops and catering businesses has increased significantly. With newcomers like the luxury beauty salon Blue Diamond Health & Beauty Club and top restaurant Elea, the range of the shopping area is becoming more diverse.


Due to the unique combination of art, culture, catering, (international) boutiques, and royal allure, the Royal Shopping District belongs to the elite category. Area manager Daphne Honsbeek has noticed a shift in the shopping area from art and antiques to streets full of unique jewelers and catering businesses in all shapes and sizes. However, art remains present in the area. In addition to well-known jewelers like Steltman (Plaats 26) and Schaap and Citroen (Plaats 2), Manbodh Watches is a new face in the shopping area. The store focuses on the sale of vintage and modern watches from brands like Rolex, Hublot, and Cartier. The store recently opened at Hoogstraat 31.


Health & beauty

A little further on at Noordeinde, visitors can go for the inner person. "The Royal Shopping District has added a high-end beauty salon with Blue Diamonds Health & Beauty Club at Noordeinde. Here you can go for luxury beauty treatments, massages, permanent hair removal, and body sculpting laser treatments," says area manager Daphne. A 40-minute body sculpting treatment is equivalent to two to three hours of exercise. "A great addition to the current range of shops. Noordeinde has added urban wellness for busy city dwellers, just like the emergence of spiritual stores like Ananda Spiritual Living (Noordeinde 64) and Tulum (Heulstraat 27) offering incense, precious stones and minerals, and natural care products.”

Culinary crown jewels

In terms of cuisine, Noordeinde, Heulstraat, Hoogstraat, and Plaats have much to offer: from a meatball sandwich in the renovated building of butcher Dungelmann to cannolis that are filled by hand on the spot at the new business Jammici Cannoli at Noordeinde. With the arrival of former Rijswijk restaurant Elea, run by chef Takis Panagakis, the Royal Shopping District has gained a crown jewel. Panagakis returns to Noordeinde after previously overseeing the kitchen at Mazie. Elea creates modern dishes with a subtle Greek twist and is listed in the restaurant guides of Michelin and Lekker 500. In addition, lunchroom Caramel has settled on Plaats and Buona Terra serves classic Italian dishes at Noordeinde.


Through the gate at Noordeinde 12 and 14, the tasting room of the Haagsche Broederbrouwerij of the Stadsklooster can be visited every Friday and Saturday. "Here you can find the Noordeinde beer, which is also served in the Indigo and Voco hotels." Irish pub O'Casey's was already a household name at Noordeinde but became world-famous after a visit by Prince Harry last year, who was in The Hague for the Invictus Games. Dolly, on the other hand, focuses on a completely different target group with vegan, gluten and sugar-free pastries. Area manager Daphne: "Lupi Coffee is also new. Buy a fresh croissant and a delicious cup of coffee here.”


Hidden gems

Getting lost in beautiful, special streets is also possible in the Royal Shopping District. Concept Store Couqou, which can only be reached through a small alley at Noordeinde 59, is rightly called 'a hidden gem' according to the area manager. The store focuses on handmade furniture and clothing from cool brands. For custom work, this shopping area is definitely worth a visit. Ettemadis Tailors and Oger create suits in a traditional way with high quality. For old-fashioned craftsmanship, Tesselschade is the place to be. It is one of the longest-standing businesses at Noordeinde. At the initiative of Betsy Perk, the Royal General Dutch Women's Association TesselschadeArbeid Adelt was founded in 1871. The association aims to make women financially and economically independent through education and guidance to paid work. Among other things, the sale of handicraft products, such as crocheted hats and stuffed animals, raises money for this cause. The store, located at Noordeinde 92, is run entirely by volunteers.