Go from a piece of work to a piece of cake!

You may recognize it: you have a busy job, but you also want to learn Dutch. Why not combine it? TaalTaal ensures that you can be given personal lessons at your work location or at home! Whether you would like to have lessons alone in the form of private lessons or together with your colleagues as a group, an experienced TaalTaal teacher will be happy to come to your workplace or at your doorstep. You will therefore be able to learn Dutch in the comfort of your own workplace or home, your safe environment, you won't even need to leave your desk, maybe just long enough to buzz the teacher in. 


For 15 years now, the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen has been known for its flexibility and professionalism. You can follow fun face-to-face lessons in small groups, but also online lessons, private lessons or intensive group lessons (Dutch Immersion) where you can improve on your Dutch skills, that is listening, reading, writing and speaking, in just two weeks.


In-company lessons are a successful alternative for people with a busy work and/or personal schedule. Whether you work for a large international company or in a small office, TaalTaal has experience with almost everything. Not only is it essential for everyone who lives in The Netherlands to learn Dutch, it also makes life and living here easier: from ambassador to zookeeper. What are you waiting for? Go from a piece of work to a piece of cake with (Dutch) lessons at your workplace or at home!


Do you know that you can take language lessons at TaalTaal all year round? TaalTaal is also open during the summer period for Dutch, Spanish, English and French, among other languages.


All the popular languages have versions with English explanations, so if you don’t speak any Dutch, you can also learn other languages. The summer will start July 17th and the Autumn session with the full program will begin September 18th. Immersion classes start every month. More info at: https://taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch

Please feel free to contact TaalTaal at info@taaltaal.nl. 

Free online intakes are available throughout the year via 

https://taaltaal.nl/en/intake/ and check out the entire range of courses on https://taaltaal.nl/en where there is information about courses for 20 different languages, most of which have versions for English speakers.